Monetize Your Platform With Virtual Products!

The strategies and tools to make money with your expertise.

Do any of these statements sound like YOU?

  • Do you always have people reaching out to "pick your brain" or "meet for lunch"?

  • Do you have highly sought-after skills that you know could help your audience but you get stuck on what to do with that skill?

  • Are you tired of feeling invisible while others get brand recognition AND customers?

  • Are you working WAY too hard to give people information and then they go pay someone else for similar information?

  • Do you have ideas and content but you are not sure how to package it?

  • Are you struggling to break free from the sidelines?

What’s the real problem? You're missing one thing. You need more products and services…without spinning your wheels and wasting your time. This lack of products decreases your chance of making more money.

Now, the good part in all of this is your expertise, tenacity and drive won’t let you wave the white flag and give up altogether. But, the bad part is your drive is what has you consistently shedding your blood, sweat and tears on an inconsistent or non-existent product strategy.

And that right there is the reason you’re not making more money with your expertise. Trust me … it’s not YOU, it’s your approach. Now, before I drop the “tell-all” process for creating virtual products to go from best-kept secret to industry superstar, let me tell you a little about me …

I am Sharvette Mitchell and I work with entrepreneurs to help them build their online platform so that they generate revenue with an amazing online brand.

I am Creative Director of Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching.

I bring to the table 25 years experience in Corporate America in the area of corporate training & development.

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Marketing.

I am a Talk Radio Host with 10 years experience and over 300,000 total listeners for my internet radio show, The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show.

I am the founder of #CoachingWithVette Facebook Group for female entrepreneurs with over 970+ members.

I host conferences and workshops for female entrepreneurs and I am set to host the 3rd annual POP UP Conference.

I have been featured in Huffington Post, Hope For Women Magazine, Sista Sense Magazine & more publications.

I have TV appearances on CBS 6 – Virginia This Morning and Comcast Cable.


But honestly, if you boil all of that down... I am YOUR social media superstar, confidence igniter, overwhelm eliminator and a straight-talking virtual product strategist!

I want to help you generate more money, and it all starts with your product offerings. That is why I created Product Academy!

And over the course of 8 Live sessions, I’ll reveal everything inside my brain so you discover exactly how to monetize your platform by creating 5 different virtual products

Here’s a peak at what’s waiting for you inside Product Academy:

BONUS!  Facebook Academy for Entrepreneurs

  • Included with Product Academy - VALUE $297


    Inside the Facebook Academy, you’ll have me delivering the tools and resources needed to pull your brand out of the Facebook “black hole” and put it in the spotlight so the RIGHT buyers find your products and services irresistible.

BONUS!  POWER Coaching Session

  • Included with Product Academy - VALUE $300

    In this one on one 90 minute session, I apply my hands-on experience to help you focus on the bottom line and build your online platform. From vision to planning to execution, I will help you create tangible strategies to achieve greater results and generate revenue. Sessions scheduled during January 2018.

BONUS!  1 Month Email Support

  • Included with Product Academy - VALUE $399

    For your implementation questions and support in April 2018 after the Product Academy wraps up, I will provide support by email!

I have heard enough! I want in!

Full Payment Option- Best deal! - $2,000
Installment Payment Option ($400 down)- $2,500

If you are like most people...

  • You probably think you don't have enough content to create a virtual course.

  • OR you may have trouble figuring out what to do with all of these notes, journals and videos that you already have.

  • But you likely see others offering virtual products with confidence and getting customers and money. So clearly, having virtual products works.

Now, here’s what I know:

Diving into these delectable nuggets of wisdom is a total waste of time if you never apply what you learn. This is why I encourage you – no, I challenge you to do two things:

Take action every single week.

Silence that internal voice that says, “No one will buy my products or I can't do this.” You see, customers have been searching for someone just like YOU. Remember that!

Do these things and you’re virtually guaranteed to double your investment in the Product Academy.

Here's what people are saying after working with me on virtual products...

Rita Stewart

“So, I just need to share this with you. The greatest feeling ever since my journey online was that day when I received notification of the first automated sale of my OWN product/course!!!

Secondly, the booking and remittance of payment for a consultant that was also completed via systems and automation. I’ve had many many sales of course and consult clients. The thrill is now we’re talking MY work and consults being booked with payment through the process I’ve mapped! Simply wow!!! It’s hard to describe the feeling. Thank you Sharvette, for the nudge, the challenge, the directive to act, now! From the bottom of my heart Thank you!”

Rita Stewart Centric Vision Consulting, LLC

Enrollment is open now and Product Academy starts February 2018!

Full Payment Option- Best deal! - $2,000
Installment Payment Option ($400 down)- $2,500